I have 3 physical servers where I want to install MAAS in an HA configuration. I also want to install KVM on the same MAAS host and make use of the compose feature to create VM’s, however everytime I try to compose a new VM the architecture option is empty. If I hit refresh, MAAS complains that it cannot login to the virsh console. I’m installing MAAS 3.1 from an snap on Ubuntu 20.04, does anyone have any guidance I can use to troubleshoot or see what user MAAS is trying to login as?

Thank you so much in advance.

The reason maas can’t log in is because it wants to use the user maas to log into the system and using snap I think maas user has a different path you can create a user in the system that can manage maas and use the newly created user to create virtual machines or install maas from PPA follow these documents.

you need to copy the SSH keys to /var/snap/maas/current/root/.ssh

check https://maas.io/docs/how-to-manage-vm-hosts#heading--set-up-ssah-lv

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