Grub error

setparams ‘Commission’
echo ‘Booting under MAAS direction…’
linux ubuntu///bionic/no-such-image/boot-kernel nomodeset ro root=squash:http// ip=::::BMC3:BOOTIF ip6=off overlayroot=tmpfs overlayroot_cfgdisk=disabled cc:{‘datasource_list’: [‘MAAS’]}end_cc cloud-config-url= apparmor=0 log_host= log_port=5247 BOOTIF=01-${net_default_mac}
initrd ubuntu///bionic/no-such-image/boot-initrd

So, we get this error when booting one of our machines under maas direction.
error: File not found
error: you need to load the kernel first

Anyone seen these problems before?

Edit: also: Failed to boot both default and fallback

Make sure Bionic is selected on the images page and that all rack controllers have been synced.

pretty sure all that is true

Thing is: One of our machines commissioned, and the other got this message, so I think the problem is on the machine that will not commission

Can you go to the specific machine and check what’s the setting for ‘Minimum kernel’ ?

We have set ‘No minimum kernel’ across the board.
But it does not show up in machines yet, since this is the ‘first’ boot to make maas aquire it