Getting logs from maas

It may sound silly, but I can’t figure out where the maas logs are located.
I have just installed maas using snap (as per documentation at

Everything seems fine until I have to access the web portal. I cannot connect to it.
A quick curl -v http://localhost:5240/MAAS confirms that there are no web server listening on that port (which is confirmed by a nc -vz localhost 80).

Issuing a maas status confirms that the web server did fail to start:

maas status
bind9                            RUNNING   pid 1234, uptime 0:42:05
http                             BACKOFF   Exited too quickly (process log may have details)
ntp                              RUNNING   pid 1324, uptime 0:42:02
proxy                            RUNNING   pid 1500, uptime 0:41:51
regiond                          RUNNING   pid 1238, uptime 0:42:05
syslog                           RUNNING   pid 1326, uptime 0:42:02

I fail to figure out where the maas logs are located. Therefore, I cannot troubleshoot it further…

Thanks in advance for any pointer.


Hi @jaepetto, is what you are looking for?

Absolutely. Thank you very much!

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