Generic Network Setup and IP setup


I am new to Maas. I have a proof of concept setup and I can successfully acquire, deploy and release a few of my bare-metal servers. I am doing this all locally.

The next thing I want to accomplish is to set Maas up so that I can let 3 to 4 users to be able to acquire, deploy and release these bare-metal servers from anywhere. What kind of networking equipment / setup do I need to make this work? I am open to any suggestion you may have.

If the rack controller is assigning private IPs to these bare-metal servers, how does a user access them from an outside network (from the internet)?

Is the rack controller itself a router to route traffic from external gateway to internal deployed machines? Or do I need to get 4 public IPs for the 4 bare-metal servers?

I am not exactly sure how to set this up… Any help is appreciated!


I am new to maas too. but I can share how far I got.

I use several VLANs in my MAAS deployement. It is small (I have 10 servers).

I am letting MAAS drive the default VLAN. Its better to let it full control over that VLAN: DNS, DHCP, PROXY, etc.

But you can have others VLANs too. I have one that is public (from my fiber provider) and another one that it is routed via an OPNSense router (NAT).

You can tell MAAS to set up interfaces on the other VLANs, with DHCP, or static assignment or automatic assigment from a pool.

I dont think the controller is meant to be a router.

I have also read people that setup MAAS on the non-default VLAN, but then you also need to be able to setup PXE on that VLAN, etc. I have not tried it.

I don’t think MAAS is very demanding in terms of HW requirements, but I guess it depends of how many servers you want to deploy. I used a raspberry pi 4 for my tests, and It could run my 10 machine cluster without hiccups, which I found very surprising BTW.

@sho1sho1sho1, did you ever figure this out to your satisfaction?

No, still trying to figure this out…

Working with Ubuntu MAAS sales team is terrible. I had a sales contact me and then assigned me a regional rep… but then she doesn’t know anything about MAAS and how to get MAAS essential for the managed machines.

I have been trying to setup a POC with MAAS RBAC so I can work with a few of my customers to use a few of my bare metal servers, but I would like each customer to only see their assigned servers.

It’s been a challenge just to get information about UA-I and MAAS Essential… no one from Ubuntu can really tell me how to get MAAS Essential.

Hope you have better luck than me working with their team.