Freebsd support


Is it possible to add FreeBSD deployment support?


I think it’s possible to do it as a custom image using packer-maas. We don’t have this template yet, but I believe it can be done, depending on the level of customisation you need.

Hello. Thank you for your reply.

I tried, but I encountered a problem at the post-processor stage during the image build. At this stage, the fuse-nbd and fuse-tar-root scripts are running. As I understood, they cannot run successfully on FreeBSD. And without them I cannot build a suitable image for MAAS. There are also no curtin hooks for FreeBSD. Because of this, it will not be possible to transfer network settings and disk partitioning during deployment.

Am I doing something wrong or misunderstanding?


I think you’re in the right direction.

FuseFS is not an option with FreeBSD, so you might need to use the old version of these scripts, e.g. setup-nbd and tar-root

About the missing curtin hooks, you might need to write your own. Look at the Ubuntu template, it has a custom curtin hook embedded in the image.