(For beginners) MaaS Basics, Network, Rack, Switch,IPMI (HARDWARE) etc

Hey MaaS-Community

Would it be possible for Ubuntu-MaaS to upload a graphic for a base rack? e.g. 6 Lenovo servers + switches + hardware firewall etc…

Would it be possible to put a connection plan online for beginners so that you have a basis for MaaS?

What do you need as a beginner with MaaS?

Anyone have some suggestions?

Maybe a few suggestions with switches + connection plan?
How should one connect the IPMI?
How should one connect the main ports?
Does anyone have a suggestion for very fast and trouble-free switches?

hi, @bigscriptmonster,

we’re actively working on documentation that helps with most of this. it might be a little while before we’re able to publish it (measured, most likely, in weeks, not months). hang in there!

Hey @billwear ,

Do you happen to know if there are also freelancers here who can help me with the basic things?
e.g. planning a MaaS rack or something? With server, switches, firewall, setup etc…?

i don’t know of any offhand, sorry.

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