Final stage Deployment issue DL380e G8 with MAAS version: 2.9.2 (9164-g.ac176b5c4) PXELINUX sits at boot:

Clean install of MAAS as a snap, on focal, and bionic (tried bionic, hoping it was something with focal) as a region+rack install. All the steps work fine, can commission, mark broken, mark fixed, and it netboots as expected. But when it comes to the final reboot for deployment, PXELINUX just sits at a boot: prompt, if I disable netboot it will boot fine from the system natively, but that kinda defeats the purpose of MAAS. See attached console image (identifiable information blanked out)

Any ideas what Iā€™m missing?

Never mind, found the issue, and submitted a bug report, and patch.
If interested: the bug id is 1923329

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@jstorm, thanks for all the hard work on this one. much appreciated.

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