Filing Bugs for MAAS

Bug importance levels

Here on the MAAS team we have recently went through the process of cleaning up our bug backlog and re-prioritizing bug importance. As this is always an on going process, we have agreed as a team that the following will be used as the priority levels going forward. This should help those trying to understand what the importance level means on filed bugs.

  • Critical - Prevent MAAS from performing a critical function, and must be fixed immediately. Very rare!
  • High - Fix before next release of MAAS.
  • Medium - Possible to be fixed in release after next.
  • Low - Unlikely to be fixed in the next 2 releases.

Feature requests

To build more community involvement with MAAS and to separate bugs from feature requests the MAAS team has moved to handling features to this discourse. We hope this will make it easier for those wanting new features in MAAS to advocate for those requests on this discourse. Please file any feature requests here (

Bug tags

Bug tagging is an important feature the MAAS team uses to help organize bugs. This helps both the MAAS Core team and the MAAS UI team to target bugs to the correct areas of code or features affected, along with other teams that are affected by the bug. Below lists the tags allowed on bugs for the MAAS project, any other tags not listed below can be removed from a bug without notice.

Functional areas

  • api - Affects the MAAS API.
  • doc - Affects the MAAS documentation.
  • ipv6 - Affects MAAS because of IPv6 support.
  • papercut - Simple to fix and an easy win.
  • rbac - Affects MAAS integration with Canonical RBAC service.
  • snap - Affects the MAAS snap.
  • ui - Affects the MAAS UI. Doesn’t have to be exclusively UI related, but has a UI component that needs to be fixed.
  • ux - Affects the MAAS user experence and a UX engineer needs to come up with a solution before UI implementation.
  • websocket-api - Affects the MAAS websocket API.

Team tags

  • blocking-ui - Prevents MAAS UI team from making progress because of the issue in MAAS.
  • canonical-bootstack - Affects Canonical Bootstack because of the issue in MAAS.
  • cdo-qa - Affects CDO QA because of the issue in MAAS.
  • cdo-release-blocker - Affects CDO QA because of the issue in MAAS and current development version cannot be released until fixed.
  • cpe-onsite - Affects a MAAS deployment at a customer site.
  • field-high - Affects a field deployment of MAAS and the issue level is high.
  • field-medium - Affects a field deployment of MAAS and the issue level is medium.
  • foundation-engine - Affects Foundation Engine because of the issue in MAAS.

Hopefully this helps those needing clarification on the bug importance and tagging used by both the MAAS Core team and the MAAS UI team. Please comment if you feel like I have missed something and anything needs more clarity.


Hi @blake-rouse,

Just to be clear, where do y’all want doc bugs/suggestions?

I created #409, but I understand if that is just for web and design as the name references.

I am happy to help and change the docs directly, but I reckon some things need clarification from the MAAS team first.

Pinging @blake-rouse or anyone else.

@szeestraten The documentation is directly on this discourse, please file bugs by making a comment on the documentation page directly.

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