Feature Request? rack controllers as apt caches

It would be pretty swell if rack controllers could function as apt caches the same way they function as simple streams (image) caches.

I’m finding I’m backhauling a metric butt ton of apt traffic to the region controllers when the built in MAAS Proxy is enabled.


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+1 I think this is a good idea.

It would make sense as an option “MAAS built-in (per-rack)” on the Settings page.

All of a region’s rack controllers could be configured part of an ICP (RFC2187) group of siblings (peers) with the region controller as their cache parent.

A machine would ask its Rack for a file, Rack might fetch it from its cache or the cache of another Rack in the same datacenter, or request it from the Region. The Region would check its cache or request it freshly.

Or, how about considering making it an extension/plugin for MAAS?

Just FYI, MaaS can be configured to use a proxy for fetching APT and YUM packages, so actually it could be handled externally.

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