Feature Request: date time group of deployment API retrievable

In the type of environment that we’re in, it would be really helpful to be able to see when a node was deployed.

You can get this information from the node-script-results endpoint.

Show the history of all installation results:
maas $PROFILE node-script-results read $SYSTEM_ID type=installation

Show just the latest result:
maas $PROFILE node-script-result read $SYSTEM_ID current-installation

To change the amount of history results stored(default 3):
maas $PROFILE maas get-config name=max_node_installation_results value=$AMOUNT

Couple of things to note

  • created is when the request to start the deployment came in
  • started is after the system has booted and the actual installation has begun
  • ended is when the deployment finished and the system is accessible by SSH
  • runtime is from after the first boot when installation started till after the system has rebooted into the system and its accessible by SSH
  • boot time is started - created
  • length of the entire process is ended - created

Is it possible to detect failure to load pxe or ephemeral early on ?