Fault to deploy Windows 10 image on VMware vcenter 7.0.2

Hi guys,

Can you help me with this issue:

When I tried to deploy a Windows 10 image to a virtual machine on VMware vcenter 7.0.2, the boot process looked in the wrong location:

but my image is on different place:


which I deployed with this command:

maas profile boot-resources create name=windows/windows10 architecture=amd64/generic filetype=ddtgz content@=OS-name-amd64-root-dd.tar.gz

Thank you in advance,

@alfam, what version of MAAS are you using?

I am using MAAS: 3.2.0

@billwear, How I can change bootable image path on MAAS server for each custom images?

you can’t change that path. MAAS is either trying to deploy this as Linux or it’s missing the ephemeral OS image. we need more logs to figure it out, specifically, the region and rack logs, and the rest of that terminal output above. can you get us logs?

@billwear Yes, I have this files but how I can upload them?


if you want, you can just paste them into individual posts, using three backticks “```” above and below the log text.

Hi @billwear I don’t want to share log files in clear text here - there is some sensitive information and also maas.log is ~50k lines. If you tell me for which error or specific text I can search in the logs and paste it here.

@alfam, you know, if you can just send me the installation logs by either of these methods:

  • under the machine in the UI, logs tab, “Installation output” for an involved machine, or
  • maas $ADMIN node-script-result download $SYSTEM_ID current-installation

Also, walk me through the image creation process, everything you did from the time you acquired the windows image until you tried to deploy. the no-such-image phrase in the pathname is usually an indicator of a skipped step, but i’m not assuming that at this point.

Hi @billwear, we are fixed as using the different HDD export creation. Thank you for the help.

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no problem, i’ll close this one! glad you got it working.

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