Failed to bootstrap Juju controller on LXD host

Hi, I have latest MAAS 3.0 beta2 installed using snap. Inside I have LXD host which I want to use for containers deploying. When I run juju bootstrap command:

juju bootstrap maas-vm227 maas-vm227-controller --credential maas-vm227-credentials

I am receiving error:

Failed to query node's BMC - Pod qcc3tt: Failed to connect to the LXD REST API.

It’s not working manually as well. How to proceed?



can you please check MAAS logs (/var/snap/maas/common/logs/{regiond,rackd}.log) for errors when the command is given.

Also, what happens if you refresh the LXD VM host from maas (through the UI or the API)? do you get the same error?

@jas02, did you ever resolve this?