Extra undefined fabrics

As I move forward with MAAS, I’ve been selecting the ‘Periodically sync hardware’ checkbox when deploying machines.

This has led to a number of machines with fabric-xxxx that I don’t want but can’t delete. Is there a way to clean these up?

Any ideas would be welcome.


~~ Charles

  1. Click on the interface where a certain fabric that you want to delete.

  2. Then edit physical

  3. Move the interface to another fabric.

  4. Save it should delete the unwanted fabric

That only works when the host is NOT deployed. Once it’s deployed, you can no longer change the network properties from the GUI successfully.

@bedfordc, we do have a problem that when we can’t detect which fabric and vlan a port is connected to – we create a new one. we should find a better way of dealing with this, but for now, i guess you’re stuck with them. maybe you could submit a bug request and explain the issue it creates for you?

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