External network on nodes

Hi, I am trying to deploy openstack using maas and juju. My physical assembly is 6 nodes right now, 1 switch, 1 router. 4 nodes are my openstack nodes, 1 juju and 1 maas controller. For this time all my nodes have 2 NIC each (one public interface and one private)

My maas server /etc/netplan config file looks like this:

When I boot nodes via my switch ( nodes get private ip for interface eth0, and eth1 becomes unconfigured. After I assign eth1 interface to subnets static ip address this node still doesn’t have external connection. I am unable to ping. I configured juju node network config file to this

and I still didn’t get a result I needed… Any help?

P.S. This is my UI output from subnets and

Ok. The solution was right here :slight_smile: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1048280/maas-based-on-ubuntu18-04-nodes-can-not-connect-to-the-public-network/1052134

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Sorry for confusion. Problem still persist, but I changed my network hardware setup. No I have connected my all machine1, machine2, machine3 and machine4 to the same private subnet, because I got a lot of errors when configured public interface manually.

My goal is:

  1. To be able access openstack-dashboard (for this I assume I have to have node which has public ip address.
  2. To be able add a floating ip to an instance and it should be with a public ip address.