Export/Import of All MAAS Inventory and Configs

Requesting a feature to export an entire MAAS configuration, including Machines, Pods/KVM, DNS, Subnets, etc, and a feature to take that export and import it into an entirely separate MAAS cluster.

An example use case of this would be to set up a brand new MAAS cluster on new hardware, and then export from your old cluster and import into the new, without it being a postgresql dump and restore and needing to have matching versions of MAAS/PGSQL.

Sounds impossible. All the metadata you mentioned was stored in PostgreSQL. The downgrade has not been supported by MAAS so far and may not be supported in the future because, at each major release, they introduce new features (e.g. the ephemeral deployment in the upcoming 3.5). Machine configuration is per-node based (linked with the machine id), with unique MAC addresses and hardware info.

I’d be fine with the feature not being supported for importing into a lower version of MAAS than the version of MAAS the source export came from.

Even a feature that (technically in the background) just generates all the MAAS API commands it would take to recreate the metadata would be good, similar to dumping SQL statements.

Also if it can include machines even that is fine too, just any sort of migration of configurations ability would be great.

Hi @rsmith21, thanks for reaching out and suggesting a feature! For exporing/importing a MAAS configuration to a new setup, you may just need to upgrade your MAAS instance that is an earlier version to match your new install version. As @maasuser1 mentioned, doing this process between arbitrary MAAS versions may not be possible.

Also, if you haven’t already, take a look at backing up and restoring MAAS