ESXi post-installation customisation

Hello. Please explain me how can I make post-installation customisation for my Esxi image? I know that I need to use Shell, Python or Perl scripts. But where I should put them and which names they should have to? I want them to be started automatically at the end of the deploiment process.

There are two ways to do this.

  1. You can add your script to the %firstboot section of KS.CFG in packer-maas. I believe you can also add an additional %firstboot section with a different interpreter. This will embed your script in the image you upload to MAAS.
  2. You can add your script as user-data when you deploy VMware ESXi. VMWare ESXi doesn’t support cloud-init scripts but shell, Python, and Perl scripts should work.

@kiruka4, how many ESXi images are you deploying at once?

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