ESXI 6.7 Maas image import

I was trying to import an esxi image by taking the iso mounitng it then tar.gz the iso then importing it as a custom/esxi image. I was wondering i was doing this correct for version 2.5

Thank you

We are currently working on a tool which will convert a VMware ESXi ISO into an image MAAS can deploy. We are still in testing and will have more information available soon!


That is awesome if you need any one to test the new tool please let me know because i have over 10 years of deploying ESXI and currently doing it over pxe today with custom KS files for each server.

I am also researching this matter.
Is there any kind of documentation regarding a method of deploying an ESXi using MaaS 2.5? I mean, without the above mentioned tool. Are there any requirements for the ESXi image? I was searching for some steps in order to build such an image, but with no luck until now. Any help would be appreciated!


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If you figure it out please let me know.

I notice the pelinux they use is newer then what ESXi supports so it going to be interesting to see the method and how to do it.


Any update on this??

Hi folks,

Is the information in this thread the most recent state of affairs?
I am quite new to MaaS and saw the vSphere/ESXi related improvements in 2.5/2.6.
Is there any more documentation round this, especially the import of the ESXi image puzzles me at the moment.

Nope nothing I am still working on trying to figure it out.

What is the passwrod MAAS use in the image?

it’s configurable in the kickstart file

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