Error on LXD Compose

When I try to create a LXD POD (server instaled via maas, with option “this is a kvm host”)

The host appears, but when we try to compose a pod, this error is raised:

Hello @vasartori,

This issue most probably has to do with the version of the LXD installed in the KVM Host. I suspect that it is 5.20 or 5.21/stable which, as we speak points to 5.20 (snap info lxd). On 5.20 there is a known issue that is preventing the creation of VMs from MAAS: Bug #2048399 “MAAS LXD VM creation issue (Ensure this value is l...” : Bugs : MAAS.

MAAS has already been configured to use LXD 5.21/stable, LXD team has released 5.21, but the snap channel 5.21/stable has not been updated yet. Until this is done, you could pick 5.21/candidate or any other version that is different from 5.20. But I expect it to be updated soon.

Kind regards,


Thanks for the fast reply.

You are correct, I’m using the 5.20 LXD version.


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