Error: Node has no address family in common with the server

I’m using Maas via the snap installation, version 3.3.4. I’m trying to provision a “baremetal” machine (in reality, a VM, the maas server is also a VM) using PXE to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. The discovery, commission and allocation work well, but as soon as i’m trying to provision the machine, i’m getting this error : « Node has no address family in common with the server » :

Both the server and the machine share two IPv4 ranges and one IPv6 range, one on which the machine boots using PXE (fabric-1), and the other (fabric-0) where another external DHCP server assign them public IPv4 :

(link to album : )

The only “weird” setting I have is a DHCP snippet containing this (I don’t want maas to mess with random machines that may be pxe booting) :

deny unknown-clients;
host client1 {
           hardware ethernet 0A:E6:FA:58:D4:21;
           option host-name "b101-01";

Am I doing something wrong ? How to complete the provisioning ?

Thanks !

Hi @Reventlov and welcome to the community :slight_smile:

What are the IP settings of the machine? Auto-IP? Can you also share what is your region/rack setup?

My region/rack setup is combined (region+rack) and the settings of the machine are the default one, so Auto-IP. I just saw that there is a RC that has been released so i’ll try on the new version and report back if I face a new problem. As, at some point, it was working, my guess is that there is some “caching” problem of some settings I messed with (maybe with the DHCP ?).

I cannot reproduce using the latest (3.4.0~rc1) maas version.

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