Error in documentation for enabling DHCP in MAAS 3.2?

Since I’m new to MAAS, it’s more likely that I’m just misunderstanding something than this really being an error in the documentation.

Because MAAS 3.2 does not have an option to enable DHCP from the UI (the network tab is missing), I’m trying to enable it from the API using these instructions:

MAAS | How to enable DHCP

I’m running this command:

maas maas vlan update fabric-0 untagged dhcp_on=True primary_rack=maas-tx

Which returns this error:

argument COMMAND: invalid choice: 'vlan' (choose from 'devices', 'files', 'machines', 'nodes', 'rack-controllers', 'region-controllers', 'version')

Any ideas on where I go from here?

Hmmm… crickets. It’s weird to me that there isn’t a quick/obvious solution here. This seems like the most basic/first step someone would need to accomplish to use MAAS. I’m assuming there is a solution, but that the way to set up DHCP in MAAS 3.2 hasn’t been documented yet? It seems like with such core functionality not being documented, that MAAS 3.2 shouldn’t have been presented as a stable/usable release.

Since it seems that it’s not possible to do anything with MAAS without the DHCP feature enabled, I’m a little confused as to why nobody else has run into this… again, probably I’m misunderstanding something here as a total MAAS newbie.

What’s the most recent version of MAAS that actually has working instructions for setting up the DHCP feature in MAAS?

Ok, finally got back to this and got it figured out. Before I started this thread, I was a bit thrown off by a comment on that said that the DHCP option had been removed from the UI in MAAS 3.1. Well, the commentor was correct that the option as described in the answer provided had been removed (it’s no longer in the “take action” control). So, this is why I was trying to enable DHCP via the CLI (which, as noted above, does not seem to be documented correctly).

After switching from CLI to UI instructions, I was able to figure out how to enable DHCP via the UI.


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