Error during init, init tries to use wlan0 when interface does not exist

I get the following error when I try init:

ERROR: Failed to retrieve network information: Failed to add device information for “/sys/class/net/wlan0/device”: Failed to add port info: Failed to ETHTOOL_GLINK: operation not supported

I do not have wlan0 set up on this device, only eth0. the init does detect the IP of eth0 for the default URL to access MAAS correctly, but appears to try and init the wlan0 interface instead. The service is not listening on port 5240


This is similar to Rack controller not connected after upgrade to 3.2 (region endpoints not exposed)

It requires MAAS machine-resources go binary to be built with updated lxd dependencies including

Hi @ah26624

The progress on this issue can be tracked here
The fix will be available in 3.2.7

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