Error during deploy custom RHEL image which generate by packer

Hello all,

I’m trying to deploy a custom RHEL image in maas 2.6.2.
I have download RHEL 7 Packer Template and then generate an RHEL image with the following command:

packer build -var 'rhel7_iso_path=/maas/rhel-server-7.4-x86_64-dvd.iso' rhel7.json

I have created a boot-resource with the following command:

maas admin boot-resources create name=rhel/7 title="RedHat Enterprise Linux 7" architecture=amd64/generic content@=rhel7.tar.gz

When I then deploy to the node, I get the following error:

Can anyone tell me what that error means and possible how to address it?


Try to follow this post CentOS/RHEL 8 status . Basically you need newer curtin.