Encrypted curtin preseed

I was able to deploy my custom images and during the first deployment I created the partitioning scheme using the UI. Afterwards I had maas create a curtin preseed file based on the deployment. I am able to successfully deploy using this curtin preseed, but anytime I attempt to add encryption it will not pass grub and continually reboot itself, any help on how to resolve this?

How are you adding encryption?

I was adding it using a dm_crypt block to encrypt the lvm partitions. I tested further by creating a test partition and encrypting that only. it looks like it is not being added to /etc/crypttab. I am not using secureboot, and from my understanding maas should now use luks2 by default, is there a good tutorial or documentation on how to deploy using late-commands in curtin?

Does this help Deploying servers with full disk encryption (LUKS2) ?