Elkhart Lake

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We have those Intel Elkhart Lake machines that are enlisting, but without any Power information recovered.

It is not clear on Intel if they are AMT machines or not.
For sure we don’t know anything about AMT, and if pre configuration is required.

Has anyone any information about how Elkhart Lake machines are support by MaaS?

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Hi @mkl1. Unfortunately, we don’t have any official information about MAAS being used with Elkhart Lake-based servers, but maybe someone from the community uses them too.

My best guess is that you might need to figure out the model of the machines (since Elkhart Lake is a product family) and check against the official vendor documentation whether it supports any sort of remote management access (IPMI, Redfish and so on).

@mkl1, we are using maas with intel elkhart lake and other industrial pcs. It should work as long as you are running on the latest os platform. Elkart lake uses Intel i225 ethernet cards. So you need the latest kernel for those. However, Intel AMT does not run on Atom chips. So you will need to use another mechanism to control the power.

So it means there is something we missunderstood from there ?:
See " Remote device management "