Edit proxy config

We want to access the internal maas proxy from an administration network in order to access web service on internal MaaS managed server. Changes made the proxy config by hand obviously get wiped out. I do not think there is any way to work around this issue so it would be a temporary solution to directly edit the “template” file that generates the config. But I cannot find where is that.

Note as per https://maas.io/docs/proxy#heading--internal-proxy-maas-proxy you shouldn’t attempt to edit the internal proxy.

This proxy is used by MAAS to save bandwidth and latency serving packages to managed machines.

It seems like you’re wanting to use it from outside the MAAS managed network to reach inside? Is that right?

Yes this is correct. We use MaaS as our entry point to the management network and would be handy to utilize the proxy for such reason. Squid proxy is perfectly capable of handling the “extra” traffic for few websites accessed from few users :slight_smile: