Edit network interface without redeploying


Is there a way to change the IP configuration of a network interface for a machine without having to redeploy the OS?

I basically want to change the statically assigned IP address to something else, but as far as I can tell, once I’ve deployed an OS (eg. Ubuntu) on the machine, I can’t change anything regarding the network interfaces without having to release the machine - which basically means uninstalling the OS.

You can mark a machine as Broken, then edit an interface. This turns the machine off and does not reinstall the OS when you mark it as Fixed and power it on again. However, I just did a quick test of this on a spare machine, and the statically assigned IP address was not updated. It retained the previous IP address once it rebooted. So, you probably have to release and re-deploy the machine, but first try marking the machine as Broken, change the IP, mark as Fixed then power on again and see if you have different results. I was running MAAS 2.6.2 for this quick test.