Downgrade MAAS

I ran the following command (which I got from this thread):

snap refresh maas --channel=latest/edge/curtin-stable

And now in the MAAS WEBGUI, I see it’s maas MAAS : 3.1.0~alpha1.

Since it’s updated, when it deploys a machine, I can’t seem to SSH into it.

I can’t seem to be able to downgrade. This is what I get:

root@maas:~# sudo snap install --channel=2.9/stable maas
snap "maas" is already installed, see 'snap help refresh'
root@maas:~# snap refresh --stable 2.9
snap "2.9" is not installed

Is it possible to downgrade? I’m really stuck because of this. Thanks ahead!


downgrades are not supported, as we cannot rollback the DB migrations. You can try to do it anyway: snap refresh maas --channel=3.0/stable. Remember to create a backup copy of curtin files and the database. If you do this you may face issues in the future when 3.1 comes out.

The best way to fix this is to do a fresh install using the stable version.

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Thanks, I can SSH to the machines again.

In version 3.0.0, is it impossible to mark skip a failed commission? I can’t seem to be able to skip the failed commission like I used to before.

I used to be able to manually override the failed commission and deploy the machine anyways. Now I seem to be stuck.

For reference, this is the reason it failed:

50-maas-01-commissioning details:
/machine-resources/amd64: Scheme missing.

EDIT: nevermind, I have removed everything and started from scratch on version 2.9. I have documented the process and made a snapshot so that if things won’t work again, I would just start over, as it seems to be the simplest solution. For the record, I think having I think a MAAS docker container would be great for this as for us, it’s usually a quick&dirty rather than a production rollout thing.

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