Don't turn off machine when releasing it

Hello all,

I tried finding an answer to this by searching around but couldn’t get to an answer. I was hoping the community could help :slight_smile:

Currently, when taking the action to “Release” an already-allocated machine via the MAAS UI, MAAS turns off that machine automatically.

Is there a way to either change this default behavior maas-wide or to select, on a case by case basis, to not turn off the server upon release?

Thanks, all!

You’re going to want to describe your use case.
The premise behind releasing a machine is to release it from whatever project deployed it. At that point it has no need to remain powered on and is instead wasting power. Also once another project deploys the machine it will automatically be re-imaged as a security measure to protect the previous project. If your not using it in such a situation you are probably better off not using the release mechanism as it sounds like you’re not actually done with the machine.

Hello @dracozny, thanks for your message!

Our workflow is mainly around time-sharing of bare metal hosts by a team of developers. It would be helpful to be able to re-assign a host to a different developer without the need to rebuild the host.

It appears that, after a “release” step is taken, the only way to turn the server back on via MAAS is Deploy it. I do understand the logic behind making each “assignment” specific to a user and, for security or operational reasons, re-deploying the server between assignments. But it would be helpful to be able to have an option that says, for example, “Don’t turn off Machine after releasing”. Which would return the machine to a “deployed” state.

Is there something I am missing on how that can be achieved today? Or perhaps, as you said, the above scenario is not one that MAAS is built to support today?

Thanks again!

I should add that, in our scenario, the “assignment” would be used as a mechanism for users to know which server was assigned to them. And, if they wish, they can re-deploy it with a different image.

@tfable, i think MAAS is working as expected. i’m moving this one to the feature request forum.