Don't automatically enable all commissioning scripts by default


Commissioning scripts are enabled by default for all nodes.

This is a problem because a user can add a commissioning script to maas and it will be automatically enabled in the commissioning process for each machine for every user after it has been added, whether the other users want it enabled or not.

I appreciate and find useful the functionality where users are able to share commissioning scripts at a global level, but it is more harmful than helpful when commissioning scripts are added for users when the users do not desire them enabled.


Do not automatically enable all commissioning scripts.

Enabling commissioning only on an as needed basis will resolve the problem described above.

Proposed Change

Only add commissioning scripts to the commissioning process on an as-needed basis. If a user desires to have a commissioning script added to the list of commissioning scripts used in the commissioning process they may choose to do so, but commissioning scripts will not be automatically enabled by default.


You can tag the commission script with noauto to disable auto enabled.

This is a example:

# --- Start MAAS 1.0 script metadata ---
# name: 50-dummy-example
# title: Dummy example
# description: Just an example
# script_type: commissioning
# tags: noauto

This solves the issue too. Thank you @adolfo94

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