Does MAAS Detect TPM?

How do I tell if a bare metal server managed by MAAS has a TPM installed? Is this collected in any of the commissioning scripts?

Hi @jamesesutherland and thanks for posting! I assume by TPM you’re referring to Trusted Platform Module?

Unfortunately, as far as I’m aware, this information is currently not detected by and available in MAAS. If you need to detect it, I think you might be able to do so by adding a custom commissioning script. There is some information on this in the documentation, as well as a reference.

If you believe that MAAS should have this functionality, you could file a feature request. If you decide to go that route, it would be helpful if you could, in your feature request, elaborate on example use cases and how this would benefit the broader community.

I’m afraid that other than the above, I personally don’t know much about TPMs. However if you do need more help, do feel free to get back to us.

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