document storage_test_status somewhere?

Good day maas team. I’m currently dealing with a situation where I am attempting to track down what storage_test_status with a value of 2 means. I’m not finding anything easily/readily available to describe the different states of this property. Anything you have out there in the way of documentation that can answer this question?

MAAS stores statuses in numerical form in the backend. Commissioning, testing, and installation results status are defined in SCRIPT_STATUS. Any numeric value in the API other than id should have a corresponding _name field which is the English translation of the value. You should see "storage_test_status_name": "Passed" in the API output.


Excellent! So storage_test_status_name for this particular use-case is “Unknown” - so does “unknown” mean maas doesn’t have a status name for the particular status value (2) or does that mean that status value 2 means unknown problem?

“Unknown” means storage tests haven’t run.

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