Docs request: more clarity on how and where to do post-image customization

Hi folks,

Maybe I’m just being thick here, but I’m having a hard time figuring out a recommended way to do post-deployment modifications to a new machine - in this case, for our PoC, I want to get puppet onto a new Centos 7 box. Since I’ve been reviewing the docs for this purpose, I figured I’d offer this as docs feedback.

My goals here are:

  • introduce the change in a way that I can maintain as a committed file (infra as code style)
  • gets puppet installed onto the machine

In looking at the 3.2 snap docs on preseeding with Curtin, it says, “You can customise the Curtin installation by either editing the existing curtin_userdata template or by adding a custom file as described above.”

As far as I can tell, there is nothing above about adding a custom file. I did find via other sources (blog post, forum post that filled in some of the holes.

Also, I’m looking at this recent post that notes, “we don’t recommend modifying curtin preseeds, since it’s easy to break things.” I don’t see that recommendation in the docs, and I also don’t see any documentation on how I’d set up a cloud-init script in a way that can be source controlled.

In the end, I’m going to set up a curtin preseed, since that looks like the best/easiest way to get puppet installed on all centos 7 machines. Regarding the docs, I’d love to see an updated set of instructions regarding post-deployment configuration that lays all the info out in the same spot.

Thanks very much! I know first hand how rough keeping docs up to date can be - thanks for your efforts here.

PS - Side note - in one of the forum posts I linked, that some of the links in it are now broken by subsequent docs revisions? For instance, the link just goes to (where heading–template-naming doesn’t exist on the page), and using the UI to flip to the Snap 2.9 instructions doesn’t get that info back.

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