DNS records in MAAS getting stuck to the initial IP that the machine gets during enlistment

Hi all,

In MAAS version 3.2.7 the temporary FQDN for the machine would be cleared after enlistment such that it’s available for use when configuring the other network interfaces on the machine.

We have dug into it and noticed that running maas-dhcp-helper after enlistment removes the original DNS record as expected in MAAS version 3.2.7, but it is not triggered in 3.3.0 beta3 and later.

In MAAS version 3.3.0 beta3 updates for DHCP leases was changed from single update to bulk in commit https://git.launchpad.net/maas/commit/?id=ffa1fd3c4fe2a32c0e2352fef08f58784bcb2dbd. By reverting this commit we get maas-dhcp-helper to work again on MAAS 3.3.0 beta3 and later.

Is this a small part of planned changes to DNS in need of more changes?
Or should maas-dhcp-helper still be used?

We have added extra details in launchpad write up: https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/2025468

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