After configuring MAAS with two region/rack controllers, everything works as expected but the list of DNS servers specified in a subnet is merged with the list of the IPs of all rack controllers.

For example:

  • controller 1 -
  • controller 2 -
  • VIP -
  • subnet’s DNS servers:,

After deploying, the servers will have all 4 IP’s in random order specified as DNS servers in resolv.conf

This creates a problem in case either controller 1 or 2 go down and the server has their primary IPs configured as the current DNS server. The servers will rely on DNS timeouts to switch to the next server and I would like to avoid that because they could either use the VIP or the external DNS server and never experience issues.

Is there a way to force MAAS to not add all the controller’s IPs to the DNS list in DHCP?

Hi @gtirloni , sorry for the late reply. You have Allow DNS resolution set to true in that subnet, right?

Please set ‘Allow DNS resolution’ to False and keep the VID in the dns servers. Let me know if that worked

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