DNS entry of my host has wrong IP

Using MAAS 3.3.4 and my host’s DNS entry keeps getting the wrong IP address in the DNS page.
The host keeps refreshing to an IP that ends with .48 but the network tab of the host says “IP ADDRESS STATUS” ends with .24 as well as the DNS / domain page shows the DNS entry as ending with .24. What ends up causing this inconsistency? I tried renaming the host to see how it refreshed, and the name just changed as it should in the DNS page, but the IP is still wrong. It’s not static or anything, it’s the DHCP that gives the host this IP.
I do have 2 interfaces, which I try to bond, but even without bonding and even if I disable the second interface, the IP remains wrong. I’ve checked that the MAC address is correct as well, so it’s definitely the right interface.

Hi @tosaraja ,

The first thing I would do is to check the region logs according to this guide. Maybe you find some logged exceptions like “duplicated key exception” or something.

If so, please open a bug on launchpad and attach the logs

I never managed to get anything out of the logs. But I now have a second host that behaves exactly the same. Already at boot does it say:

Start PXE over IPv4.
Station IP address is xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

And that IP address is different from what it registers in the Domain Summary page.

We have fixed several DNS-related bugs in 3.3.5 and 3.4.0. Please try to upgrade and let us know if the issue goes away

Yes, seemed to help with going to 3.3.5. Thanks!