Disk layout and formatting options

so far, i’ve seen a few different ways to handle formatting disks, via:

we’ve tried the commissioning script approach, which seemed to work but has recently been failing. i’m about to convert our layout to curtin preseed templates for our builds to see how that works. the examples in curtin docs look like a good starting point, at least.

for context, we’re looking to manage thousands of physical compute nodes via maas + terraform + atlantis to handle the workflow. the build should look the same across all these nodes, with minor variations in hardware (gpu vs. cpu compute), so doing anything with the maas cli is not viable. we need to automate the whole process.

how are people managing storage layouts? what are some best practices here? i’d love to see some patterns folks are using. or, for that matter, are you not managing storage beyond the default layout?

yes, please. i am hoping to start collecting best practices, and since this is an open-source, community-driven project, that means me not making things up. tell me how you’re doing this! :slight_smile: