Disk Erasing Requirements?

Hello. Does disk erasing require the “Power type” for a node to be other than “Manual”? The maas.log shows “Could not start node for disk erasure; it must be started manually”. The disk erasure is setup to occur when the node is “released…”. I’m observing that no matter the state of the node (powered-on, powered-off, rebooted) nothing appears to happen regarding disk erasure. I’m working with MAAS 2.5 in a VMware Fusion virtual environment. Thanks.

There’s no requirements for disk erasure. If you have a machine with manual power type, you need to turn it on release so that it can PXE boot of MAAs and the disk erasure scripts can run.

…you need to turn it on release so that it can PXE boot…

If I’m following correctly… disk erasing occurs when the state of a node is in PXE boot?

Steps and observations…

  1. Deployed node is running / booted / powered-on
  2. Take action --> Release…
  3. MAAS UI interface updates to show disk erasing
  4. MAAS maas.log indicated the node can’t be powered-on.

Rebooting the node (sudo reboot) does not transition to PXE boot. It boots back into a deployed state.

As mentioned, all of the work is being done with VMware Fusion in a virtual environment, MAAS is virtual and so are the nodes.

MAAS 2.5 3


@andreserl your point about the PXE boot queued me to check the boot order of the node’s devices. After adjusting the boot order in the BIOS disk erasing is working. Thank you.

The adjustment was to place the boot order of the NIC before the HD.

Hopefully this is helpful to others.

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