Disallow too long Interface names?


I recently managed to brick a machine that I wanted to deploy.
Issue was that I needed a vlan on an Interface that has a looong name (thanks, IBM):


Adding a normal vlan, that resulted in:


However, interface names CAN only have 15 bytes max (and SHOULD only have 14 under DHCP), but this one is too long.

It would be nice if MAAS would refuse or at least warn that the name is too long, maybe even suggesting renaming the interfaces (it does match on MACs anyway in netplan, IIRC).

Does this sound sensible?


Thank you so much for taking the time to share this. You grok the FOSS process and that’s cool. Yes, your comment is sensible, and yes, long VLAN names are a real PITA.

That said, this is probably a feature request. I’ve moved it to the “Features” category. But don’t totally give up hope, we do look at these.

Thanks again for bringing this up.

Thanks for taking time to respond.

I’m a bit torn calling it a “feature” not to have my machines bricked by just simply following the process “enroll” -> add vlan -> deploy; I’d at least call it “undesired behavior”.

I just verified, you can name an interface however you want, there’s no verification.
I would really appreciate a warning when renaming/adding interfaces will result in them being inoperable. That’s a bug in my book.

Yet, its ultimately your call :slight_smile:

Hey, if you feel that strongly about it, don’t hesitate to file a bug report. I’m not the sole committer here! :smiley: Ultimately, the decision rests with the MAAS team, but your contribution and your opinion matter.

Makes sense.

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yeah, i hate the 20 character thing, too. can’t have everything. well, you can, but first you’d have to have all the money.

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