Disable default ubuntu mirror

Hey folks.

Anyone knows if is possible or how I can disable the default mirror and only use my internal mirror?
Internally we have two mirrors, one hot and one cold mirror.

All the production servers use the cold mirror, which we can maintain all the packages on the same version, till we unfroze the cold and sync.

I do need to remove the current official ubuntu mirror. Any idea?

You need a transparent proxy.

check https://maas.io/docs/how-to-use-maas-in-an-air-gapped-environment#heading--transparent-proxy

Alternatively, you could change the URL of the “Ubuntu archive” entry to point to the one of your repository.

@junior-c, have you tried either of the two suggestions above? i’d like to know if you found a way to make this work.

@billwear the only way to make this work was during the first install.
When you login for the first time. You add your own repo there and remove the one from Ubuntu.

Its working for me now.

cool. glad to hear it. gonna close this one, then. nice work, btw.