DHCP setup on website MAAS 3.1 UI -- does not appear correct

DHCP setup on website does not appear correct:
When selecting a subnet -> vlan:
This is what I see in MAAS 3.1 UI

The docs however say:

How to enable MAAS-managed DHCP

MAAS-managed DHCP needs a reserved dynamic IP range enlist and commission machines. You should create such a range when you are enabling DHCP with the web UI.

To enable MAAS-managed DHCP, under the ‘Subnets’ page select the desired VLAN and then:

  1. Under the ‘Take action’ button select ‘Provide DHCP’. A new window will appear.
  2. Select the primary rack controller. For DHCP HA, select both the primary and the secondary.
  3. Create a reserved, dynamic IP range. Fill in the fields ‘Dynamic range start IP’ and ‘Dynamic range end IP’.
  4. Apply your changes with the ‘Provide DHCP’ button.

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