DHCP server not distributing IPs from the configured range in MAAS

I have recently setup MAAS which is working great ! We are using the MAAS controlled DHCP server on the rack controller. During the initial PXE boot , IPs are getting allocated in the reserved DHCP range, but after a sever has been deployed, it gets an IP address outside of the DHCP range. Is that a normal or expected behaviour ?

Hi @nhermans ,

yes, this is expected. From the docs

You can define two types of ranges:

  • Reserved range Mode operates differently depending on whether the subnet is managed or unmanaged:
  • Managed (subnet): MAAS will never assign IP addresses inside this range. You can use this range for anything, such as infrastructure systems, network hardware, external DHCP, or an OpenStack namespace.
  • Unmanaged (subnet): MAAS will only assign IP addresses inside this range.
  • Reserved dynamic range An IP range that MAAS will use for enlisting, commissioning and, if enabled, MAAS-managed DHCP on the node’s VLAN during commissioning, deploying. An initial range is created as part of the DHCP enablement process if done with the web UI. MAAS never uses IP addresses from this range for an unmanaged subnet.

In short, enlisting and commissioning will pick an ip from the dynamic reserved range. On the other side, if you reserve a range (not the dynamic one), MAAS will never pick an ip from that range.

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