DHCP Relay with the same VLAN

Hi. I’m having a little issue on how to setup the subnets and the VLANs with DHCP relay. Was thinking off getting some advice here.

Assuming that I have multiple subnets that has the same VLAN.,, The maas servers resides on, and the DHCP relays have been setup on all the subnets to relay all the dhcp requests to

When I had my MaaS server setup, the subnets, vlan and fabrics are already setup like this:

Assuming the VLAN network is for production usage.
After I have added the network, it says that it has DHCP enabled

However, when I looked into the dhcp configuration in /var/lib/maas/dhcpd.conf. There is only dhcp configuration on the first subnet, which has been auto-created:

May I know how can I create a DHCP relay configuration, when they are under the same VLAN? From the guide in MaaS documentation, it only works when it’s relayed between different VLANs.

De Lin