DHCP range showing odd utilization

When I take the default .191 to .254 it shows 26% used, but when I use something like .10 to .254 it shows into the 90% used. I find that odd, and it also leads to warnings that the pool is almost exhausted. Anything I missed?

It will depend on whether you’ve got Managed allocation enabled. We do, and in one subnet we have Reserved ranges of both Types covering a total of 75% of the subnet so it shows 75% used. Those are not all actually allocated to machines, just not available for MAAS to use in other ways.

Does that help?

More info at https://maas.io/docs/network-tutorial#heading--ip-ranges although I vaguely recall reading more details elsewhere, some time ago.

@wgoodric, ever get this figured out?

I’ll revisit if it becomes a problem

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