Developer Videoconferences

Bill Wear, here, MAAS developer advocate and technical author, member of the core engineering team.

tl;dr: I want to talk to you. Book some time with me during my office hours on Thursdays.

I’m a network guy, like you, so I’m not big on cheerleader marketecture sessions. In fact, I hate them.

Pretty sure you do, too.

I’d like to schedule videoconferences with developers to find out who you are, what you do, what you need, and – more importantly – what you find good and bad about MAAS as it is now.

Please free free to book some office hours with me so we can connect.

Everything is completely confidential. Nothing about you, specifically, or your particular situation will go back to the marketing or sales departments unless you say so. The only thing I’ll feed back are anonymized, aggregate requests that are statistically significant enough to mention.

I’ll also be approaching some of you individually.

And I’d also like to figure out how to structure a more organized (but virtual) “MAAS developer’s conference” with speakers and sessions, and so forth.

But that comes later. First, let’s connect.

That is all. As you were. Bounce back to me, let’s talk.


Thank you for giving your time to speak for the maas improvement.
I have set a time.

Today conversation with Bill, we have talked about the following things:

1- having at leas a free version of ubuntu rbac.
2- Ability to add a local CentOs package repository.
3- image builder for at least debain and windows
4- https support ( a minor bug )
5- an ansible module for managing maas. something like proxmox ansible module.
6- ability to choose default partition filesystem which is ext4 right now but it should be 7- choosable or selectable filesytem before comissioning or deploying a machine.
8- ability to set a default cloud init script.

@sysnasri, agreed; that’s my list as well.

as mentioned, you are encouraged to generate a PR for any of these things that you feel you can tackle. we are an open-source project, and we welcome community engagement.

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