Deploys perfect, but KVM-virsh and KVM-LXD both fail 100%

Recently, we had to re-deploy our servers because we had some internal networking cleaned up. Upon re-deploying servers, we also had to redo our KVM virsh hosts on Ubuntu 20.04. We were able to commission and deploy ALL of our servers. But anytime we tried to do KVM-Virsh enabled on our hosts, it failed. Logging into the failed server, appears to show that everything was done successfully. We have our bridges, we can ping externally, gateway is correct, virsh-ok is good. I’m not sure why MaaS shows this failed, but everything else says it works. Thoughts?

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This is my installation output:


It looks like the error is line 404 of the regiond.log file:

2022-06-21 16:20:23 metadataserver.api_twisted: [critical] Error saving VM host: {‘name’: [‘Tag with this Name already exists.’]}

This ended up being some serious database issues. We nuked it (version 2.8) and installed the latest from scratch (3.2).

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