Deployment if machine with NVMe fails on reboot

I’m trying to deploy a machine with MAAS 3.3.4.

While commissioning works without any issue for a particular machine, the deployment fails with the reboot after the initial installation.

The machine is waiting for input.

CLIENT MAC ADDR: ........ GUID: ...

PXELINUX 6.04 lwIP 20191223 ...
Booting local disk ...

It’s possible to enter something there but it should have booted fully.

In the same network under the same MAAS setup, deploying other machines works well, but they have a single SSD (Samsung SSD 860) detected as sda.

The problematic one has 2 “Samsung SSD 980 PRO” detected as nvme0n1 and nvme1n1.

Any idea how to debug/progress this?
Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

To answer my own question:

Changing the BIOS option “NVMe firmware source” from “Vendor” to “AMI Native Support” allowed to install the system successfully.

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