Deployment & Grub boot options & XFS


I setup a user-config and setting where I can setup machines with XFS as root-filesystem. Background for this: For various reasons splitting the disk into different partitions isn’t a handy way but we need on some folders a quota.
XFS is the only FS I know which can setup FOLDER-quotas, eg, quota bound to a location not to a user or group. Problem: when using it as / mount it has to be enabled in boot-params, eg. in grub2.

Therefore I thought, well, use the tags and add the approbiate kernel parameters (“rootflags=uquota,pquota,inode64”) but got kicked out.

It seems that these parameters are used for the netboot, too, eg, when deploying the machine. Of course the netboot has no xfs but ext4 as root-mount so net-boot fails because these mount parameters aren’t valid. Had to remove this tag from the machines.

Is there ANY other way that maas will setup some extra grub-parameters on INSTALLING (eg, deploy) grub parameters so that after the first reboot when the userdata (cloud-init) is started the root filesystem has the parameters above?

Currently I would be in the situation, that I have to add a small script into userdata which modifies grub’s default linux-kernel-params, add a onetime service which modifies the quota on next boot and reboot the machine again. This is not really satisfying.

Or can I avoid in some way that the kernel-boot-parameter made for the INSTALLED systems are used on netboot?

Thanks for any ideas/hints

i think this is probably your best solution, sadly. maybe somebody else has a better suggestion.