Deployment customization - Home lab


I think it is more a question that a feature request. I have a home lab that is deployed in an (arguably) very weird weird. The sources are here.
TL;DR; I create the images using packer, create tuned boot.cmd, linuz etc in a tftp server for the raspberries. Then I just dd to the iscsi target on the storage server and reboot everything.

Could I achieve the same behaviour with MaaS?

Hi @jlpedrosa, ant thank you for your interest in MAAS!

MAAS relies in the presence of a Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) or similar component to be able to control a machine. The BMC allows MAAS to do things such as power on/off, deploy an OS, run some tests in a machine discovered by MAAS. A Raspberry Pi do not have something like a BMC, however, you can use one of the Pis to play this role.

Perhaps this MAASBerry Pi guide can give you a better idea about how to use MAAS with Raspberry Pis.

I hope that helps.

Or have a Smart Plug and use MAAS Webhook power driver.

hi @javier-fs and @troyanov

Thanks for the replies! I am not concerned about the power. I have unifi switches that support PoE management (the way PIs are powered atm).
What I was trying to get at, is the Pis The Pis don’t have local storage, they boot through ISCI natively, I just need to burn the image on the iscsi target and copy a bunch of files to the TFTP target.

I was wondering if a model similar can be implemented with MaaS.