Deploying over AARM with any version of ubuntu fails

Curtin is giving this error after successfully PXE booting and commissioning a machine. I cannot deploy because of this error:

Failed to find primary ESP mounted at /boot/efi

I have tried Automatic, Legacy boot and EFI for bootstrap method.

Here is the rest of my power configuration:

Also, is there a way to set the hostname for a machine that is pxe booting initially? I’d like to get rid of the auto-generated name MAAS sets the hostname too in the MAAS Web UI. I did this on the cml but would like it reflected in the MAAS Web ui. Thanks.


For the name, you can manually add machines and their MAC addresses. Buy this shouldn’t matter because you can change it after it’s discovered and it will be used during deployment.

For the partition error, what’s your storage configuration for deployment? Do you have the vfat EFI partition defined?