Deploying Debian images

Am I correct in thinking that to deploy Debian images the commercial Ubuntu Advantage is needed

Not truly correct… You can deal with it! (I successfully did) But I guess you will get good support if you purchase the commercial version :slight_smile:

As anyone been able to boot Debian images? I can upload an image but it looks like the following when the machines boots.

#Image upload.
maas coldadmin boot-resources create name=custom/debian99 title=“Debian 9.9” architecture=amd64/generic content@=/home/coldadmin/debian-9.9.1-20190515-openstack-amd64-source.tar.gz
maas coldadmin boot-resources import

#Output from curtin when the machines attempts to load the Debian image.
curtin: Installation failed with exception: Unexpected error while running command.
Command: [‘curtin’, ‘curthooks’]
Exit code: 3
Reason: -
Stdout: ‘ID’

Stderr: ‘’

have you updated your curtain config on the region controller. when using snap 2.9 you can create a file in /var/snap/maas/current/preseeds/curtin_userdata_custom with the following.

  fallback-package: linux-image-amd64
  package: linux-image-amd64

  preserve_sources_list: true

  000_update_repositories: apt update
  010_install_apt_https: apt install -y apt-transport-https ca-certificates efibootmgr xfsprogs

 maas: |
  {{for line in str(curtin_preseed).splitlines()}}

  maas: [wget, '--no-proxy', '{{node_disable_pxe_url}}', '--post-data', '{{node_disable_pxe_data}}', '-O', '/dev/null']```
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how do you resolve the problem ? can you explain with more detail? thank you.

I found these very helpful

although I’m still struggling with debian 10 Debian10 fails on final reboot

thank you very much;
i am dealing with debian10, i am sink into the same issue;
there is no 90_*.cfg file; so the cloud-init act as no datasource.
have you already resolved the problem? i am going to debug the curtin source code。

Have you been able to make Debian 10/11 working in the end ?

closing this thread, deferring all comments to Debian10 fails on final reboot.